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mr. and mrs. smith in montclair?

June 30, 2010

Yesterday we got the news that there were alleged Russian spies in our town!!  So of course the 24 Nina Myers references were rampant.  My boss and I even had to do a drive by of the sleepy little street where they lived.  I love the idea that there were Russian spies living in our town… passing messages on at my train station and everything.  I know it’s probably not so cool considering they are SPIES and they have kids(SPY KIDS!) that go to the local schools.  Who knows, I may have even had her in one of my yoga classes!

At the corner near a cul-de-sac just past where the tv station had it’s van, some little entrepreneur had set up a lemonade stand.  I had to take a pic (a really poor quality one – sorry) of this considering how freaking cute it was – the last part is the best. It reads:

Lemonade Stand

4-6 PM

Starts Setting Up at 3:30




By: Mike

My sis and I used to have Kool-Aid stands all summer long, on a street that at that time wasn’t even paved.  It was so much fun even though we basically just sat around and talked while drinking our ‘profits’.  The excitement of the set-up was what made it so cool.  We even saved Kool-Aid points and had special hats we would wear — we were that cool!

I usually make it a point to always stop for these sorts of stands for kids.  Just a funny little stop in my day.  The huzzie and I picked up a Kool-Aid Stand (actual stand with Kool-Aid branding) at a garage sale that currently sits in our basement waiting for our future kids to enjoy it.

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