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a little bit of heaven.

December 20, 2010

I have been a bit obsessed since I first caught a glimpse of a macaron in some magazine or another.  They always looked so dainty and perfect – then I read this post from a friend/ yoga student (her blog is so refreshing and sincere) and I filed ‘getting macarons’ into the back of my mind for one trip or another to the city.  The thing is that I worked in the city for a few years and never got a chance to really enjoy some of the sweet little pleasures that is has to offer.  My trip was a hard-nosed push and pull from NJ transit in Montclair to Penn Station to a two block walk to the the N/R Train to 59th and Lex to a job that literally made me ill to a commute back home.

Now that I life has dropped me into a new job surrounded by beautiful things and a much shorter commute, I just happen to enjoy going to the city.  On my way to one of the best leather suppliers, I hopped out of the cab to notice the Macaron Cafe.  I had to get in there and try some of these ‘little hamburgers’ – (there’s nothing hamburger about them).  My boss was amazed that I had never had one.  We got salted caramel and pumpkin – let me tell you  they are heavenly!  I have a recipe and maybe I will experiment with them in the future but they seriously are one of the best things ever – and they are gluten free!  Where have these things been my whole life?

If you happen to want to get me a last minute gift – I wouldn’t say no to the ‘macaron of the month‘ club’!!

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