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snow days.

January 27, 2011

piper enjoying my tulips on a snow day

It feels like it has been snowing here for ever!  I know I basically slept through winter last year but I just don’t remember it snowing so much.  I have to admit, it is really beautiful to see from our apartment and even from the inside of my office where I feel like I am in a snow globe it can be just gorgeous – but enough is enough!  This morning our cars are stuck and all dressed for a meeting I trudged through the snow and couldn’t get the cars to move.

Ho hum – the kitties are excited that we are both home right now.  Piper has snow fever and has been running around frantic trying to attack rogue snow flakes outside the window.  I had some time to whip up some oatmeal and cottage cheese pancakes since I was out of gf mix.

I can’t wait until this weekend to start making some goat yogurt and goat cheese!!  We also have this uber-swank black tie event to go to at the Yale Club.  I love the dichotomy of being home and making yogurt and cheese and then getting all gussied up to go out on the town with my huzzie.  Here’s the hot red dress that I am wearing.

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