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encouragement from my huzzie.

January 31, 2011

Last night at dinner we were talking about how selling isn’t always a bad thing.  I think in a lot of ways it can be insincere and what not but what about selling yourself and what you stand for.  Wookie’s dad gave him some sage advice years ago – you are always selling yourself in some capacity not matter what you choose to do with your life.  That said, I am trying to remember that even though I might be selling myself as a yoga teacher – I don’t need to sell out.  I am trying to find a way to be more dynamic and still move from the heart – that is be more confident and still myself.  It’s a tall order but I think it’s a good refinement to help me serve others and myself better.

So after that conversation which was mind you at Outback Steakhouse as we enjoyed a Christmas gift card….my huzzie sent me this quote from his favorite motivational speaker, Napoleon Hill

When you go out of your way to help others get ahead, it is inevitable that they will reciprocate. When you genuinely wish others well, even though you may feel a little envious that they are advancing faster than you or gaining more recognition, they will respond accordingly. Your good deeds will encourage them to do likewise. You may never know how many people have recommended you for a job, or a promotion, or helped you in some other way because you aided them when they needed it most.

I love having someone on my team to encourage me to be a better version of myself.

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  1. February 1, 2011 2:13 pm

    My motto: life is about f*cking and sales. so which is it Nixie?? You trying to sell me something or… hehehee As your niche, I say you create a new variety of yoga for “ethnic” people like myself… i.e the SOULGLOW of Yoga… the chicken-neck crouching tiger, the sassy mixed girl dunk-a-roni…ho hum.

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