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March 20, 2011

It’s been a crazy few months of work and stepping up my yoga game.  There was a great get-away to Miami to take a Therapeutics Training and weekend workshop with John Friend and celebrate my 33rd birthday.  Can’t believe I’m 33 already – it was a pretty fantastic year – new job, new last name…. really a new life.  I have had a lot of times in the last few weeks where I just felt so lucky to just be me – it’s like I really can be happy and live fully watching things unfold.

Of course that are hard times and hard things to think about.  The recent earthquake and tsunami keeps bringing to mind the fact that life is so precious.  I still have not heard back from a former colleague who lives there.

This week on NPR I heard the tale end of a story where they were talking about how as humans we live in places and situations that are vulnerable to all kinds of disaster but that we still choose to live there; we find ways to adapt to what is happening and to persevere.  They ended the story saying that ‘we are all the descendants of surviors’.  It really hit me and I thought about it over the course of the week.  We are really the product of people being courageous and big and small ways so we can be here with the freedoms we have.

I used this concept as a theme this week in my class – we all are faced with disasters where we think it can’t get worse than this and then it does.  But we are descendants of survivors – we have the strength and courageousness to persevere and even thrive because of it.  Our yoga practice essentially gives us a way to practice that in our bodies on our mats, so that we can be more certain of that strength and courageousness off the mats.

I contemplated this as I took the next class and was really moved.  Maybe I am just sappy but it was around this time that both my last two grandparents died in the past few years and I think of them often.  I think a lot about how family and our ‘ancestors’ really paved a way for us and our parents.  I thought today of the lineage of courageous strength that came before me and how even though I forget it from time to time, I am way stronger than you might think.  I even thought of my parents and how they overcame a lineage of addiction so that my sister and I could live outside of that cycle.


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